Stewmans Lobster Pound

Stewman's Lobster Pound

Two Great Oceanfront Locations

Bar Harbor Regency  207.288.9723

Downtown Bar Harbor  207.288.0346

About Us

Stewman's Lobster Pounds are the only authentic oceanfront lobster pounds in Bar Harbor, Maine. Enjoy a Downeast lobster bake in a relaxed atmosphere at our two ocean-side lobster pounds.

All of the traditional ingredients are here: Lobsters, steamers, mussels, clam chowder, corn on the cob, and fresh blueberry pie for dessert. Your favorite beverages too, including domestic and imported beers, tasty local brews and a nice selection of wines. And with a menu of sandwiches and other items, there is something for everyone. Did we mention the views?


STEWMANS SLOOPY SCOOP "ICE CREAM" When on Mount Desert Island, be sure to visit Stewman's Sloopy Scoops for all of your Ice Cream Favorites and Souvenirs

Two Great Oceanfront Locations

Downtown Bar Harbor - 35 West Street

Downtown Bar Harbor - 35 West Street

Bar Harbor Regency - 123 Eden Street

Bar Harbor Regency - 123 Eden Street

Hours of Operation

Stewman's offers oceanfront dining in Bar Harbor.  Being subject to the weather, our season typically starts in early June and ends in early October.  These dates are extended when Mother Nature allows and occasionally shortened.  Hours of operation also change by season and due to private parties.  Indoor and outdoor dining are available.  The following is only a guide, dates and times may vary based on weather.

35 West Street (Downtown)

  • Memorial Day Weekend to October 26th
  • 11:00am to 10:00pm

(Free boat parking for customer yachts up to 150'. Contact Deb @ 207-801-3904 or 207-266-5857. Based on availability and only valid during time of dining.)

123 Eden Street (Bar Harbor Regency)

  • Mid June to Labor Day
  • 11:00am to 9:00pm

The Life and a Day as a Maine Lobster Fisherman

In the early morning hours, before the sun is even awake, you can hear it; the low drone of a diesel engine echoing off the ocean from every coastal port in Maine. Some of these quaint little harbor town’s they say never sleep. Others will arouse or wake you at the crack of dawn.

You’ve seen him. The rugged guy in seaboots with a love for the ocean and its resources no matter what the day's catch may bring. Idling the engines of his low-slung boat at the dock. Piling weird-looking green wire cages in the back of his pickup truck. Or jaw set, standing at the helm, armed with nothing but a pair of gloves and long gaff, carving a thin line through the still water and rising mist on an early morning run to sea. Perhaps one of the most intelligent, stern minded and saltiest people you will ever meet.

He (and every now and then, she) is the famed lobsterman of Maine.

Lobstering is as much a part of Maine’s coastal soul as cod are to Gloucester fishermen. And the work is just as long, hard and uneven in result – at least financially. But ask a Mainer to give up lobstering for a desk job – despite the frigid mornings and the back-breaking loads -- and he’ll look at you as if you have half the wits he once gave you credit for and may start edging away as if you’re about to put a leash, or noose, around his neck.

The rugged independence of the rocky coast of Maine is what keeps lobstermen lobstering. This freedom is obvious and irresistible to kids who pay their way through college as the sternman or hauler on a summer boat; the ones who leave with sun-bleached hair and deep bronze tans, muscles honed from hauling traps and fresh cash in their jeans. But for the ones – often a “next” generation who save those dollars for the day they can buy their own boat – it’s time served as apprentices. One day they claim their rights to a full share of that universe that swims in the cool grey haze just over the horizon. No knight riding with his coat of arms was ever prouder than the lobsterman laying out the buoys with their newly-registered, unique color codes that mark his pots. No flagship captain more earnestly studies the sea and skies that spell good fortune and a good day’s run or the sudden disaster of a squall and mountainous seas.

Bite into that succulent claw, tasting of cold Maine waters, fresh with the briny snap made possible by a fast running boat and a skipper who knows where to find the best “bugs.” Then thank your lobsterman for knowing how to get them to dock before they know they’ve left the deep. He’ll be glad you noticed – and keep enjoying his art.

Two Oceanfront Locations:

  • Bar Harbor Regency | 123 Eden Street Bar Harbor, ME 04609 | 207.288.9723

  • Downtown Bar Harbor | 35 West Street Bar Harbor, ME 04609 | 207.288.0346

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